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    Saar forge steel has been committed to the production of high-end forgings.

    Who are we?

    Saarschmiede GmbH(German Saar forged steel plant)From 1913 to 2017, the Saer Forge Plant in Germany has undergone 100 years of production history. With two old forging shops, combining traditional and modern production processes, we focus on high-end forgings. The opening of the new plant with a total investment of 450 million euros in the 210 year is a great deal for the Federal Republic of Germany.

    What are we doing?

    Germany Saer forge steel factory specializing in the production of various sizes of high-quality forgings. We occupy the world's leading position in the field of forging technology and smelting technology, and are one of the world's top suppliers of nuclear power equipment, special alloys, aviation machinery and die steel.

    Why do we have to do this

    It is our aim to provide high-quality and quality forged steel for our customers. Rigor and perfectionism are our driving force. We hope to write the next century.。


    Technology and equipment

    High-end talents and equipment in the industry

    The Saar forging factory has two old and new forging workshops, which combines traditional and modern production technology. By 2013, the original forging workshop had a history of more than 100 years.

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    We firmly believe that "brand" is not only a trademark, one product, but also a quality. It is a quality that maintains the trust of the consumer to the enterprise by good quality.

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